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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

XML, XSLT, DTD Interview Questions on schema, parsing etc

1) How would read / write XML files in your program?
2) What are the types of parser available in XML? How does they work?
3) What is diff bet'n XML schema & DTD?
4) What is difference bet'n SAX, DOM & STAX?
5) What is the difference between a DOM parser and a SAX parser? (Hint: DOM: reads entire model, SAX: event published during parsing.)
6) What is the difference between DTD and XML Schema? (Hint: level of detail, Schema is in XML.)
7) What does the JAXP API do for you? (Hint: Parser independence. )What is XSLT and how can it be used? (Hint: XML transformation. )
8) What would be the XPath to select any element called table with the class attribute of info? (Hint: Table[@class=’info’])

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