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Friday, March 09, 2012

Hibernate Interview Questions

1) What is a ORM framework?
2) What is difference between Hibernate & JPA?
3) What are benefits of using Hibernate?
4) What are core components/interfaces of Hibernate?
5) How would you integrate Spring with hibernate?

6) How Hibernate supports caching mechanism?
7) How to use/implement connection pooling in Hibernate?
8) what is the advantage of Hibernate over jdbc?
9) Difference between load() & get()?
10) Difference between save(), update() & saveOrUpdate() methods?

11) session & sessionfactory - which one is thread safe - which one is not & how to make it thread safe?
12) How will you call stored procedure in Hibernate?
13) how to define Associations / Composition / Joins in Hibernate?
14) Difference between HQL & SQL?
15) What is n+1 problem in Hibernate?

16) What is Projection?
17) What is Open session & view filter in hibernate ?

Answers to follow soon.

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